a jaunt in the UK

I’m off to Brighton tomorrow morning to attend the World Horror Convention, which should be fun.

I’ll be moderating a panel on Saturday at noon, in the Russell Room, called Femme Fatales: How Can We Get More Women in Horror?, where I’ll be in the distinguished company of Ellen Datlow, Tanith Lee, Allyson Bird, Sarah Pinbourgh and Suzanne McLeod.

I suspect there might be some interest in this panel.

Rob Curley, my co-conspirator on Róisín Dubh, received copies of our preview issue today. Alas, it’s too late for my early flight tomorrow, however he’s posting copies to me, so I should have them before the weekend, and in plenty of time to give people a peek.

After that I’ll have a few days in London before I head off to Heathrow for Odyssey 2010, this year’s Eastercon.

Finally, I should mention that my short story “Vic”, published in Black Static #10, is on the long list for a British Fantasy Society Award in the “Best Short Story” category.

It’s a very long list. Still, it’s cool that at least one person thought to nominate the story.

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  • Simon

    Hi Maura- great to meet you at WHC! Are you going to Alt.Fiction or Fantasycon this year?Looking forward to Roisin Dubh…

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