• Róisín Dubh issue 3

    Here’s something to cheer my heart, the cover of Róisín Dubh, issue 3, drawn by Stephen Byrne. This issue should be released by Atomic Diner in the next month or so. It will be great to have all three issues out.

  • In Dublin and Maynooth

    Later today I’m taking the road to Dublin, as Stephen Byrne, Robert Curley and I will be signing copies of Róisín Dubh in the Library Bar in the Central Hotel, Dublin from 7pm onwards. Tomorrow the three of us will be attending Epic-Con in Maynooth, where we’ll be talking about the project and appearing on a few other panels. This week I’ve also had a couple of reviews appear on ComicBuzz.com: first was a review of the graphic novel Hector Umbra, written and drawn by Uli Oesterle, and published by Blank Slate Books. The second was a review of Underwire, a collection of cartoons by Jennifer Hayden, and published by…

  • Dublin signing

    Stephen Byrne, Robert Curley and I will be signing copies of Róisín Dubh in the Library Bar, Central Hotel, Dublin from 7pm onwards on the 17 February. Come along and have a chat with us. If you can’t make it, we hope to meet you at Epic Con in Maynooth the following day.

  • Epic Con 2012

    I’ll be attending Epic Con in Maynooth as a guest along with Róisín Dubh teammates Stephen Byrne and Robert Curley. The event is going on the weekend of 18-19 February in Maynooth, and the three of us will be there all day on Saturday, 18 February. Epic Con is run by the Omega Society, NUI Maynooth’s sci-fi, anime and fantasy organisation, and 2012 marks the society’s ten-year anniversary. There will be a variety of events going on throughout the weekend ranging from panels, workshops, cosplay and screenings. There’s even an art/writing competition being held during the convention. We’re looking forward to meeting old and new fans of the comic book.

  • review and reward

    It’s a pleasure to read a perceptive review of one’s work, especially if it’s favourable! Emmet O’Cuana’s review of issue 2 of Róisín Dubh on Comicbooked.com had me beaming. I should also mention that the Eagle Awards for the comic book industry are open for nomination at the moment. I’d love to see a diverse range of writers and artists nominated. I’m not saying people should be nominated if they’re not talented, but have a good think about the titles you’ve enjoyed this year and spread the love around. Anyone can nominate. If there are people you think are deserving in a category then you can add them. The 2012…

  • Róisín Dubh issue 2 is out

    The second issue of Róisín Dubh, the comic book series I’ve written for Atomic Diner Comics, is on the shelves of SubCity and Forbidden Planet in Dublin, and is already selling well. The first review of this issue has gone online. It’s written by David O’Leary and can be read on ICN or Comicbuzz (there are some spoilers in the review). Here’s a taster of what he says: Another great issue from Ireland’s leading publisher of indy comics. It really hits all the right notes visually and with its involved, layered story. Thanks to Stephen Byrne for his hard work on the art and lettering in this issue.  

  • Róisín Dubh issue 2 cover

    The cover of issue 2 of Róisín Dubh, the comic book mini-series I’ve written for Atomic Diner Comics. All art – including this dramatic image – and lettering are by Stephen Byrne.

  • recent round-up

    I’ve been remiss at pointing toward reviews of issue 1 of Róisín Dubh and Jennifer Wilde, the two comic book series I’ve written. Liam Geraghty and Craig O’Connor, the men behind the Irish comic book podcast, The Comic Cast, gave both issues the thumbs up. Lee Grice at the British podcast Small Press Big Mouth gave Jennifer Wilde a glowing review. James Bacon reviewed Jennifer Wilde for the Forbidden Planet International blog, which includes a mini-interview with me New Irish comic book web site Cosmic Treadmill has reviewed both Róisín Dubh and Jennifer Wilde Hilary Lawler reviewed Jennifer Wilde for Irish Comic News I’ve also been interviewed on two web…

  • roisin dubh 1 reviews

    I realised that I haven’t been posting links to reviews of Róisín Dubh issue 1 on my own blog. I’ve been keeping the other social media updated so sometimes it slips my mind to mention such things on my own site. Here are the first reviews: Emmet O’Cuana on Tastes Like Comics James Bacon on The Forbidden Planet International Blog David O’Leary on Irish Comic News I’m happy and humbled by the kind words, and the support from the local community has been great. I’m feeling a lot of pressure to keep delivering good work in issues 2 & 3. Stephen Byrne will be doing all the art and lettering…

  • going up north

    This weekend I’m heading up north to Derry’s 2-D Comic Book Festival. It’s my first time attending, but I’ve heard really positive things about the event, so I’m looking forward it to (but not the 5 1/2 hour bus journey!). It’s taking place from the Thursday, 2nd June – Saturday, 4th of June, and is completely free. The Guests of Honour are Mark Chiarello, Mick McMahon and Glen Fabry. The guest list includes both Irish and International comic book writers and artists, including Stephen Downey who is the artist on the other Atomic Diner title I’m writing, Jennifer Wilde. I’ll be attending from Friday evening just in time to catch the panels that…