Twisted Myths

Twisted Myths

Writer: Maura McHugh
Editor: Samantha Warrington
Illustrator: Jane Laurie
Cover & Design: Martin Stiff
Publisher: Barron’s Education Series
Hardcover: 144 pages
ISBN-10: 0764166204
ISBN-13: 978-0764166204
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A large-format hardback book, containing twenty classic myths accompanied by lavish illustrations.

Table of Contents

  • Eros and Psyche (Greek)
  • The Golden Apples of Idun (Norse)
  • The Coming of the Tuatha dé Dannan (Irish)
  • Lord Ganesha (Hindu – Indian)
  • Prometheus and Pandora (Greek)
  • Maui Finds Death (Maori)
  • The Patience of Isis (Egyptian)
  • Ishtar Descends to the Underworld (Sumerian)
  • The Fifth Sun (Aztec)
  • Sekhmet’s Thirst (Egyptian)
  • Odin’s Sacrifice (Norse)
  • Pele Comes to Hawai’i (Hawaiian)
  • The Magician’s Head (Yorubaland – African)
  • White Buffalo Woman (Seneca – Native American)
  • The People of Mud, Flesh, and Wood (Quiché – Guatamalan)
  • Nu Wa Saves the World (Chinese)
  • Izanagi and Izanami (Japanese)
  • Amaterasu Hides Her Face (Japanese)
  • Monkey: Sage of Heaven (Chinese)
  • The Voice, The Flood, and The Turtle (Caddo – Native American)


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