The Boughs Withered (When I Told Them My Dreams)

  • NewCon Press, UK: August, 2019. This collection contains twenty horror/dark fantasy short stories, including four original to the volume.

Twisted Fairy Tales

Twisted Myths


Comic Books (available in a graphic novel format)

Witchfinder Omnibus, Volume 1.

  • This Omnibus contains the first three volumes of the Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder series, including Volume 3: The Mysteries of Unland. Details below. Dark Horse comics, 2019.

Mansion of Madness comic book anthology

  • Contains ‘Words are not Read’, short story script by Maura McHugh, art by Alex Patterson, and lettering by Bolt-01. Edited by Lee Robson and Dan Hill. Available on Comixology.

Outside comic book anthology

  • Contains ‘Colours’, short story script by Maura McHugh, drawn and coloured by John Riordan. Eds. Amir Naaman & Doron Hamburger; Ash Pure, 2017.

Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland

  • Story & script by Maura McHugh & Kim Newman; art by Tyler Crook; Colourist: Dave Stewart; Cover Artist Mike Mignola; for Dark Horse Comics, 2015. (Sir Edward Grey, Witchfinder was created by Mike Mignola for the Hellboy universe.) Trade paperback collection of five-issue mini-series.

Womanthology: Heroic comic book anthology

  • Contains ‘The Nail’, short story script by Maura McHugh, art & colours by Star St. Germain; story edited by Suzannah Rowntree. Published by IDW Publishing, 2012.

A full list of all comics is available on the Credits page.


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

  • A Midnight Movie Monograph for Electric DreamHouse Press, an imprint of PS Publishing, 2017. Series editor Neil Snowdon.

We Are The Martians: The Legacy of Nigel Kneale anthology

  • Contains ‘Under the Influence: Kneale’s Dramatic Legacy’. PS Publishing, 2017, edited by Neil Snowdon.

A full list of all non-fiction is available on the Credits page.



  • Abaddon Books, 2020. (This is set in the 2000 AD Judges series.)


Short Stories (available in Anthologies)

Cabinet des Fées

  • Contains ‘In the Woods’, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2006


  • Contains ‘Bone Mother’. Eds. Sean Wallace & Paul Tremblay; Prime Books, 2007.

Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2010

  • Contains ‘Vic’,. Ed. Paula Guran, Prime Books, 2010.

La Femme

  • Contains ‘Valerie’. Ed. Ian Whates, NewCon Press, 2014.

Cassilda’s Song

  • Contains ‘Family’. Ed. Joe S. Pulver, Chaosium Inc, 2015.

Obsidian: A Decade of Horror Stories by Women

  • Contains ‘Valerie’. Ed. by Ian Whates, NewCon Press, 2016.

The Grimm Future

  • Contains ‘Zel and Grets’. Ed. Erin Underwood, NESFA Press, 2016.

Uncertainties: Volume 1

Ten Tall Tales

  • Contains ‘The Fruit of the Tree’. Ed. Ian Whates, NewCon Press, 2016.

The Madness of Dr. Caligari

Respectable Horror

Walk on the Weird Side

Scarlet Traces

  • Contains ‘The Mechanical Marionette Mob’. Ed. Ian Edington, Rebellion Publishing, 2019.

Great British Horror 4: Dark and Stormy Nights

  • Contains ‘Oathkeeper’. Ed. Steve J. Shaw, Black Shuck Books, 2019.

Nowhereville: Weird Is Other People

  • Contains ‘Y’. Ed. Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski, Broken Eye Books, 2019.


  • Contains ‘Faith & Fred’. Ed. Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane, Titan Books, 2020.

The Best of British Fantasy 2019

  • Contains ‘Wake the Dead’. Ed. Jared Shurin, NewCon Press, 2020.

A full list of all short stories is available on the Credits page.