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    Omagh Comic Fest 2018

    I’m really pleased to be invited as a guest to the inaugural Omagh Comic Fest, taking place in the Strule Arts Centre, Townhall Square in Omagh on 8 September 2018. I’ve always been very welcomed at Northern Irish conventions, and I look forward to attending this one and visiting Omagh for the first time. Plus, I’ll be in great company:

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    ComicCity Festival in Derry/Londonderry

    Irish Comic News has passed along the news that ComicCity, Derry/Londonderry’s new festival of comics, illustration, and storytelling will be taking place from 12 – 13 September, 2015 in the Millennium Forum. The event is being organised in partnership with CultureTech, The Millennium Forum, and The Nerve Centre. There will be a packed programme celebrating Comics and the Creative Arts, as well as showcasing some of the top UK and Irish talent working in the creative industries today, including: Declan Shalvey (Deadpool, Venom, Moon Knight, Injection) Jordie Bellaire (Eisner award-winning colourist with Marvel, Image, Valiant Comics, etc.) Stephen Mooney (Grayson, Half Past Danger, CSI, Teenwolf). Maura Mc Hugh (Witchfinder, Jennifer…

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    Sláine and Niamh

    I had a great time at MCM Ireland Comic Con at the weekend (more of that soon). The best thing was meeting friends and getting my geek on. While these kinds of events can get a little manic at their busiest, they always have a friendly atmosphere. I love seeing Cosplayer’s creativity, and how much pride they have in their work, and the sheer enjoyment they get from their fandom. I got a cool sketch from the legendary Glen Fabry of Sláine and Niamh – Martin and I are both fans of the comic, so we’re happy to get this fun tribute of the bronze age power couple.

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    FantasyCon 2012

    This evening I’m on a flight to England, followed by a train to Brighton for the annual conference of the British Fantasy Society, FantasyCon 2012. I had a great time at the event last year and I’m very much looking forward to catching up with friends and talking shop. Plus, I love Brighton! Here’s my schedule for the weekend: On Friday, the first day of the con, from 3pm – 4pm in the Fitzherbert Room, I’ll be moderating a panel on Does Gender Matter? My fellow panelists are: Ramsay Campbell, Joseph D’Lacey, Alison Littlewood, and Suzanne McLeod. From 5 pm – 6pm on Saturday in the Fizherbert Room I’ll be…

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    Kapow ignores women again

    Tickets for the 2012 Kapow! comic book convention went on sale today, with the first version of the guest-list announced. After the controversy from last year over the lack of representation of women guests at the convention I expected it would lead off with a better showing on its subsequent line-up. How wrong I was. There are twenty-three ‘star guests’ listed so far, all of them men. If you dig into the programming you’ll find there are a few actresses mentioned, but in the ‘hot’ film writers/directors section there are no women listed either. Not surprisingly, I tweeted about this as soon as I noticed and several people retweeted it…

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    women in comics at Thought Bubble

    At Thought Bubble in Leeds last weekend there was a Women in Comics panel, which has been a regular feature of the event since the festival started five years ago. It was one of the panels I was very much looking forward to seeing, and guessing it would be a popular event I decided to get on line early. By the time the doors opened there was a huge queue making its way back almost to the door of the hall itself. While I didn’t attend every panel at Thought Bubble it was the longest line for a panel I saw that weekend. The line-up, from left to right is,…

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    gothic galway

    Evening arrives early these days, and I was knocking around the NUIG campus at dusk because I was attending the ComicsWest event. While the accompanying photograph might look like the spooky outline of a local Gothic castle, it’s actually the contours of the University’s Quadrangle, the oldest structure on the grounds. Later on in a much more modern part of the university – alas – the question and answer session went splendidly, with me, Michael Carroll, Paddy Brown and Andrew Luke discussing our various approaches to writing/drawing comics to the members of NUIG’s Comic Book Society. It was lovely being back at my old alma mater, and seeing such a…

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    2% is not equality

    The comic book blogosphere has been obsessed by one topic of conversation lately: the reboot of the DC Comics Universe that’s coming in September. All the forthcoming 52 titles will be reset to number 1, which (theoretically) will leave the creative teams free to forge new identities for the characters. Information has been released to the fans about the forthcoming changes in a slow-drip fashion. It’s a cunning PR strategy to inflame interest and discussion about the direction DC is taking. They’ll also be offering digital downloads of the comics on the same day as the print release, which is a big indicator of where they think the market is…

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    Kapow! – with added women

    The Kapow! Comic Book convention is going on this weekend, and it’s good to see that in the face of criticism over its initial all-male line-up the event has adjusted its guest list. I was not the only one who pointed out the lack of women, and I’m not claiming this result is due to my input alone. Honestly, this is a positive response, and I hope it means more women featured at the event (if they hold it again) when they have time to include women in the planning from the very beginning. Millar is even talking up the female angle now, mentioned a 30% female readership in this…