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    World Fantasy Award Nomination for Cassilda’s Song

    Cassildas Song

    I’m pleased to hear that Cassilda’s Song: Tales Inspired by Robert W. Chambers King in Yellow Mythos, edited by Joe S. Pulver, has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award in the Anthology category. Congratulations to Joe for assembling such a super line-up of writers, and I’m so glad to be part of the project. The book is published by Chaosium Inc. and the artwork is by Steve G Santiago. It contains my story, ‘Family’. And congratulations to Selena Chambers, whose story in the anthology, ‘The Neurastheniac’, has also been nominated for a WFA, in the Short Fiction category. Here’s the entire Table of Contents of the anthology: Black Stars on Canvas,…

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    ICN Award Win

    This afternoon I discovered that I won the Best Irish Writer Published Outside of Ireland, in the ICN Awards 2015. I’m stunned. I had no expectation of winning as it was a strong category with good talent represented. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, as well as the hard-working crew at the good ship ICN, ably captained by Dave Ferguson. Much respect to my fellow nominees. At the moment Storm Desmond is battering Ireland, and it’s been howling winds, lashing rain, and rising flood waters all around. This is typical of Ireland in winter, but it can be quite stressful. So, this has been a wonderful distraction from the…

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    recent nominations

    I’ve been remiss in mentioning an awards nomination I received while I was travelling last month. I was pleased that I was selected for the Best Irish Writer Published Outside Ireland Award in the ICN Awards this year. Voting is open and is online. I’ve also been shortlisted for the Best Irish Writer Award in The Arcade Awards. Voting is open and online, so pick your favourites for this year. It’s always an honour to be part of the shortlist for any award, and my thanks to those who have deemed my work worthy for nomination.

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    Irish Comics News Awards 2014

    The 4th Annual Irish Comic News Awards has opened for voting, and I’ve been nominated in two categories: Best Irish Writer Published Outside of Ireland Best Irish Creator Comic Published Outside of Ireland Both of these nominations are for my work on Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland, which I co-wrote with Kim Newman, with art by Tyler Crook, coloured by Dave Stewart, covers by Julian Totino Tedesco, lettered by Clem Robins, and edited by Scott Allie. All set in the Hellboy universe created by Mike Mignola, and published by Dark Horse Comics. Creating comics is a collaborative activity, and of course I’m deeply indebted to everyone on the team for making such a terrific comic book. Voting…

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    BCA Nominees 2014

    As I mentioned on Tuesday I’ve been serving on the selection committee of the British Comic Awards this year. It’s been a pleasure to become acquainted with the sheer range of comic book titles being created in the UK. This meant it was tough to select a mere five titles in each category from such a competitive field, but we have picked our nominees, and they have been announced: Best Comic Dangeritis: A Fistful of Danger – Robert M Ball and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (Great Beast) In The Frame – Tom Humberstone (New Statesman) Raygun Roads – Owen Michael Johnson, Indio!, Mike Stock and Andy Bloor (Self published) Tall Tales &…

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    ICN Awards 2013

    The shortlists for the ICN Awards 2013 have been announced, and voting is now open for the next two weeks. I’ve been nominated in the ‘Best Irish Writer Published Outside of Ireland’ category, and my fellow nominees are Michael Carroll, Stephen Mooney, Darrin O’Toole, and Richmond Clements. I’m particularly pleased that Stephen Downey – the artist for Jennifer Wilde, one of the comics I write – got a deserving nod in the ‘Best Irish Artist Published in Ireland’ category, and his cover for Jennifer Wilde issue 3 has been nominated for ‘Best Irish Comic Cover’. Congratulations to the nominees and best of luck to all of us.

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    knotting threads

    There have been a number of dangling threads I haven’t knotted off lately, so here are a few things I should mention. First off, FantasyCon in Brighton at the end of last month was a fun and enjoyable convention. I love the city, and a wonderful crowd of people attended. The fire alarm in my hotel went off at 3.30am one morning, and after a late night in the bar this was not a fun wake-up call. I have never heard such a terrible din. My cognitive faculties weren’t the best, but the alarm seemed designed to disrupt any ability to think. I looked like a demented hobo as I…

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    Eagle nomination

    Yesterday the final short-list of nominations for the Eagle Awards was released, and much to my delight, Jennifer Wilde, the comic book I write for Atomic Diner, is one of the contenders in the Favourite European Comic Book category. A special shout-out to Stephen Downey, whose artwork brings Jennifer to life, and to Robert Curley at Atomic Diner, who also nabbed a couple of other nominations. Voting is open now in all sections until April 2nd. The final results will be announced at the Eagle Awards ceremony at London’s MCM Expo on Friday, 25 May 2012. It’s a fitting category for Jennifer Wilde, especially as the series is decidedly European…

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    review and reward

    It’s a pleasure to read a perceptive review of one’s work, especially if it’s favourable! Emmet O’Cuana’s review of issue 2 of Róisín Dubh on Comicbooked.com had me beaming. I should also mention that the Eagle Awards for the comic book industry are open for nomination at the moment. I’d love to see a diverse range of writers and artists nominated. I’m not saying people should be nominated if they’re not talented, but have a good think about the titles you’ve enjoyed this year and spread the love around. Anyone can nominate. If there are people you think are deserving in a category then you can add them. The 2012…