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    ArcadeCon & Arena

    I’m very much looking forward to this weekend in Dublin, where I’ll be one of the special guests at ArcadeCon. It’s a multi-media convention so there’s a variety of geeky interests for the fans: cosplay workshops, anime, comic book discussions, pop culture exegesis, music, as well as interviews with actors and actresses from genre TV and film. The FAQ and programme of events is online, and you can even download an Android app with all the details you’ll need for your weekend of fun and entertainment. There are a couple of events starting on Thursday, but the convention kicks off properly on Friday afternoon. I’ve also been asked to appear…

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    Independents Day 2013

    On Sunday Lynda Rucker and I visited the Dublin Food Co-Op, which was temporary home to Independents Day 2013. We were there to get a sense of the comic book scene that’s bubbling up and often not well reported, and to do a bit of outreach for Laydeez do Comics – Dublin (more news about our September meeting coming soon!). I always have a soft spot for Co-Ops, especially in these tough economic times, so I loved this place. There was a happy punk vibe going on, with a big variety of tables and dealers, along with a café serving delicious, inexpensive food, and live music later on. There were…

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    2D Bound

    Later today I’m starting my journey to Derry, including an overnight stop, for the annual 2D Comic Book Festival. It’s a long way to Derry from Galway, so I’m taking it in stages. The first year I went I did it by bus – never again! With traffic it ended up being over a six hour trip. There were people on the bus going to the festival who travelled nearly three hours to get to Galway, so that was a marathon trip for them. And if you’re travelling from Cork or Kerry..! It’s a testament to the festival’s reputation that comic book creators and fans are willing to travel so…

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    laydeez in Dublin tonight

    This evening, from 7pm – 9.30pm, in the Odessa Club in Dublin, will see the first meeting of Laydeez do Comics – Dublin. Our guests speakers will be the multi-talented writers/artists Sarah McIntyre, Alan Nolan, and Maeve Clancy. It’s the perfect event for anyone who loves comics or enjoys hearing creative professionals discuss their craft. All welcome! Laydeez do Comics is an international network of meetings celebrating the diverse expressions of the comic book medium. Started in 2009 in London, it now has groups across the UK, America, and now Ireland. It should be a fun and informative meeting tonight, so I hope many of you can make it along.

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    2D 2013

    I’m delighted to announce I’ve been asked to be a guest at 2D, the Northern Ireland Comics Festival, which is happening from 30 May – 2 June in Derry. It will be my third year attending and my second year as a guest. There is a fantastic list of talented artists and writers attending (including Rob Curley – so Atomic Diner will be well represented). Since this year Derry is Europe’s City of Culture the festival has been extended, and Saturday and Sunday the comic book fair will be in the Millennium Forum (free entry!), along with the Heroes & Legends show. As usual on Friday and Saturday evening there…

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    Halloween in London

    I’m off to London today, and tomorrow I’ll be attending the première performance of The Hallowe’en Sessions in the Leicester Square Theatre. It’s a rather surreal experience to type those words. The effect of writing is often only felt many months (or years) after you have gestated and laboured over an idea. Due to the passage of time these projects can become rather abstract, especially as you continue to work on other stories. Then, whosh, it manifests suddenly as a concrete form, and you come to the work as fresh as everyone else (except with way more nervousness). Tickets have been selling well, and the closing night performance, and Hallowe’en…

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    Octocon 2012


    In a few hours I’ll be heading to Dublin for Octocon, the Irish National Science Fiction convention. It’s always a fun event and I’m looking forward to meeting people. Here’s my schedule: Saturday, 13 October Noon in the Abbey Room – Brains, Brains and Brains! With Emmet O’Cuanna, Derek Gunn, and Lynn Moran 1pm in the Pavilion Room – Masterclass in Modern Science Fiction. With Peadar Ó Guilín, and Carol Connolly 5pm in the Tivoli Room – Serialisation vs graphic novels. With C.E Murphy, Michael Carroll, Alan Nolan, and Rob Curley Sunday, 14 October Noon in the Tivoli Room – Why so violent? With Oisin McGann, Heather Turnbull, Celine Kiernan,…

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    gothic galway

    Evening arrives early these days, and I was knocking around the NUIG campus at dusk because I was attending the ComicsWest event. While the accompanying photograph might look like the spooky outline of a local Gothic castle, it’s actually the contours of the University’s Quadrangle, the oldest structure on the grounds. Later on in a much more modern part of the university – alas – the question and answer session went splendidly, with me, Michael Carroll, Paddy Brown and Andrew Luke discussing our various approaches to writing/drawing comics to the members of NUIG’s Comic Book Society. It was lovely being back at my old alma mater, and seeing such a…

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    Octocon 2011


    One of my favourite Irish conventions of the calendar has rolled around again: Octocon. It’s taking place in the Cameden Court Hotel in Dublin, and features Guest of Honour John Higgins as well as a plethora of guests (including me). Here’s my schedule for the weekend: Saturday 12:00 Essentials of Horor Fiction 15:00 “Women in Sci-Fi/fantasy/comics panels” – Are they still needed? 17:00 Atomic Diner – Are Irish comics viable? 18:00 If at first you don’t succeed Sunday 11:00 What fresh hell is this? 12:00 Reading 14:00 Golden Blasters 17:00 Awards Ceremony I’m very much looking forward to the Golden Blasters Awards – which is the screening of five short…

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    back to Brighton

    I’m on my way to Brighton, England today to attend the British Fantasy Society’s annual conference, Fantasycon. It’s my first time attending a British Fantasycon, but the guests, the programme and the location made it too tempting to resist this year. I was in Brighton last year for the World Horror Convention, and it’s a wonderful place to visit. And it appears I’ve inadvertently booked myself a sun holiday as the sea-side town is experiencing summer weather at the moment. I wonder will I be able to escape the gravity well of the conference events and people in order to enjoy this rare bout of sunshine?