Independents Day 2013

On Sunday Lynda Rucker and I visited the Dublin Food Co-Op, which was temporary home to Independents Day 2013.


We were there to get a sense of the comic book scene that’s bubbling up and often not well reported, and to do a bit of outreach for Laydeez do Comics – Dublin (more news about our September meeting coming soon!).

Poster walll

I always have a soft spot for Co-Ops, especially in these tough economic times, so I loved this place. There was a happy punk vibe going on, with a big variety of tables and dealers, along with a café serving delicious, inexpensive food, and live music later on. There were also short films being shown in a side room. Tables were ridiculously well-priced.

Setting up
Paddy Lynch is on the left setting up his table

We arrived early when everyone was setting up, but by 2pm the place was in full swing, with a good crowd, and a buzzing atmosphere.

Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett

Comic book artists Paddy Lynch, Gar Shanley, and Phil Barrett – whom I’d properly met for the first time at 2D Comic Book Festival – all had tables selling their work. We also met artist Katie Blackwood briefly. Otherwise, there were new people I hadn’t met before.

Suzy city
Suzy City

Such as this young lady (whose name eludes me!), who was selling her Suzy City t-shirts, stickers, and a some small comics. Also, we met a fabulous artist who is organising Papergirl Dublin, a project that aims to deliver rolled-up art to people on the streets of Dublin, via bike! She’s looking for submissions, so contact her if you’d like to be involved.

We also met Emma Rowe and Elida Maiques, who are the editors of Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow, a lovely anthology of stories, illustrations, and comics, produced by Cardboard Press.


There were also people selling clothes, bags, music, badges, and more art. We enjoyed chatting to the chaps who run Suburban Mayhem, an independent record label who produce punk & metal music on vinyl for Irish bands


I ended up spending way more money than I anticipated, but came away with a nice haul of treasures.

The haul

It was a fun day. Lynda and I came away in good humour, pleased we’d made the trip. Anyone involved in independent comics would be well advised to bag a table for the next event.