2D Bound

Later today I’m starting my journey to Derry, including an overnight stop, for the annual 2D Comic Book Festival. It’s a long way to Derry from Galway, so I’m taking it in stages. The first year I went I did it by bus – never again! With traffic it ended up being over a six hour trip. There were people on the bus going to the festival who travelled nearly three hours to get to Galway, so that was a marathon trip for them. And if you’re travelling from Cork or Kerry..!

It’s a testament to the festival’s reputation that comic book creators and fans are willing to travel so long to attend.

The festival actually kicks off today, with workshops aimed at young people happening for the next two days. Friday evening everyone goes to Sandinos for the panels/chat, and this year the Comic Book Fair will be in the Millennium Forum, along with the Heroes & Legends show.

There’s an incredibly array of guests attending this year, and from what I hear practically the entire Irish comic book community will be resident in Derry for the weekend.

It should be a fantastic couple of days in the North.

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  • Susan Liddy

    Maura, please email me….want to meet up at Fleadh! Big catch-up necessary. Its been AGES. Susan

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