Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me midnight movie monograph

I’m happy to reveal that I’ve written a Midnight Movie Monograph for Electric Dreamhouse Press, an imprint of PS Publishing, a series curated by editor Neil Snowdon with a focus on critical reactions to cult films.

I’ll be looking at the iconic film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With me, written by David Lynch and Robert Engels, and directed by David Lynch. The book is now available to pre-order and will be published in June. The cover art is also by Neil Snowdon.

The release of the book is well timed since the first four episodes of the new season of the TV series Twin Peaks – written by David Lynch and Mark Frost, directed by David Lynch, and released on Showtime – hit the screens on Sunday night, and responses are ranging from rapt attention to outraged dismissal.


Anyone attempting to engage with the work should always remember that Lynch is an avant garde artist at heart, and he is not necessarily concerned with making sense. Rather he wishes to bring you on a journey that probes at our foolish notions that we inhabit a shared concrete reality agreed upon by everyone. Forces are always acting upon us, pulling us apart, or invading our world outright, and this is what it’s like to watch a show in which Lynch has his hand firmly on the visual tiller.

I’m enjoying it so far, and I’m impressed at how wide Lynch and Frost have pulled the canvas of the original series, a smart move by them to evolve the show but likely to irritate those who only want to catch up with the familiar town denizens.

Lynch and Frost have an incredible opportunity to use their increased resources and complete artistic control to deliver a project exactly the way they intend. I expect they will do as they wish, and be happy with the results, no matter what the critics or fans make of it.

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