not at Bristol, alas

Bristol International Comic & Small Press ExpoThis weekend the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo is taking place and I can’t attend, alas.

Luckily, my compatriots in crime, Rob Curley and Stephen Daly, will be at Bristol, giving away preview issues of Róisín Dubh. Drop by the Atomic Diner stand, say hello to them and claim your copy!

As long as the Icelandic Ash Miasma doesn’t change direction of course. It’s like a fickle supervillian who specialises in ruining holidays. “Ha! You are grounded! Fear my engine-clogging abilities! Cry over your unsigned collectible art!”

I’m inundated with work at the moment, and tomorrow I have to attend the AGM of the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild, so it’s impossible for me to spare the time. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to go.

Last week screenwriter, author, comic book writer and cricket fanatic, Paul Cornell, gave Róisin a shout-out on his blog. I forced a copy of the preview issue on Paul at World Horror Convention in Brighton. His first comment as he flipped through it was to congratulate me on the lack of too much writing (in the form of story captions and dialogue) on the page.

I certainly took that as a compliment because one of my goals on later drafts of the scripts was to eliminate unnecessary dialogue or captions, and to ensure what remained delivered the right punch. Plus, once I started seeing Stephen’s gorgeous artwork I hated the idea of covering it up behind too many speech balloons. Still, it’s a balance. Sometimes what is “spoken” is critical.

I’m still in good form after yesterday’s news, and thanks to everyone who congratulated me. There are so many rejections, dismissals and difficult disappointments in this business that’s it’s brilliant to know that one of my stories resonated with others. Now, back to work!

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