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    guest post for Joseph D'Lacey

    I am regularly asked to write articles for friends or blog posts for web sites I’ve worked with before, and sometimes I just can’t fit it into my schedule. Not surprisingly, I am often asked to discuss issues about women or feminism, but despite what people may think, I don’t want to bang on that drum exclusively. Although, it has to be drummed more than I would like. A couple of months ago Joseph D’Lacey asked me to write a guest blog post for his web site, and one of his topic suggestions was to write about my mushroom photos. Joseph had often admired them when I’d tweeted links to…

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    first shrooms

    One of the events I look forward to in August is the return of the mushroom. I love taking photographs of fungi, so I was delighted to discover this large colony of shrooms on a fallen tree in the forest today. Alas the light was not the best, but this is a decent shot of one of the clusters. Hopefully it will be the start of a fruitful season of autumn photos.

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    the frost dance

    Another picture from today where Minnie edged her way into the background. She’s a rather impatient dog and doesn’t like it when I stop to take photos. Sometimes she’ll snuffle around, while other times she’ll plant herself on her arse and wait for me to stop staring at mushrooms through the shiny metal object. There are flaws to this photo that make it less than perfect, but the double subject makes up for it. For those of you who don’t care for dogs, you get a mushroom, and for the dog and mushroom lovers you get nirvana. If neither takes your fancy then I might not be the best blogger…

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    get it while it's sparkly

    I snapped the above picture nearly a week ago, on the last bright morning before we turned the corner into Winter and settled into November. It’s been grey wet days since then. It was a lovely surprise to stumble upon a variety of mushrooms in the woods on that occasion, as it’s somewhat late in the season for a lot of them. The photograph of this duo was a special delight, because I managed to capture the magical quality of a sunny late autumn morning. I like the extra shine in the image, even if it could be taken for a flaw. We’re heading into colder weather soon, with a…

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    Say hello to Ustulina deusta, a fungus that grows on dead trees in our forests. The quality of the picture isn’t the best (by my standards), but the light and my mobile phone camera didn’t allow for a better shot. I snapped this yesterday, because today there was heavy rain during my walk and photography would have been useless. Instead I pretended to enjoy becoming increasingly wet, and sang a couple of nonsense songs about how much I liked the rain. It was just a trick to keep me in good humour as I find it hard to be glum if I’m singing. Of course, it would be easy for…

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    beautiful fungus

    Today I noticed a small track in the woods I’d never seen before. There are a number of old earthen paths criss-crossing the heavily wooded sections which connect to the main trail I tramp along most days. Many of them are little more than a memory of a passageway through the trees, and often fade away or end abruptly. Over the years I’ve explored most of these tracks in an attempt to give my dog – and myself – a bit of novelty. So I was surprised at this revelation because I should have spotted it ages ago. Still, it was fun following it, ducking under branches and weaving between the…