get it while it's sparkly

Sparkly Mushrooms

I snapped the above picture nearly a week ago, on the last bright morning before we turned the corner into Winter and settled into November. It’s been grey wet days since then.

It was a lovely surprise to stumble upon a variety of mushrooms in the woods on that occasion, as it’s somewhat late in the season for a lot of them. The photograph of this duo was a special delight, because I managed to capture the magical quality of a sunny late autumn morning. I like the extra shine in the image, even if it could be taken for a flaw.

We’re heading into colder weather soon, with a storm brewing for Sunday and Monday. It’s a reminder that every time you get a few minutes of sunshine in this country you better get out and enjoy it, for you never know how long it’s going to last.

In January this year I invested in a Daylight Lamp from an Irish company called Brighter Day (I chose this model) to help offset the effects of a lack of sunlight during Winter. Since I got it late in the cold season I can’t fully attest to its benefits, but in general I’ve found it to be a good boost. It’s not something you have on all day – a short burst in the morning is best. I’ve been using the lamp almost every morning in recent weeks, so I should know for sure by next Spring if it’s been helpful.

The lamp is an investment, but it’s cheaper than a sun holiday or moving to a warmer country. Both of which are more attractive for every winter I pass in Ireland.

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