the frost dance

Mushroom and Minnie

Another picture from today where Minnie edged her way into the background. She’s a rather impatient dog and doesn’t like it when I stop to take photos. Sometimes she’ll snuffle around, while other times she’ll plant herself on her arse and wait for me to stop staring at mushrooms through the shiny metal object.

There are flaws to this photo that make it less than perfect, but the double subject makes up for it. For those of you who don’t care for dogs, you get a mushroom, and for the dog and mushroom lovers you get nirvana. If neither takes your fancy then I might not be the best blogger for you.

Very early this morning the lawn outside the house was hard with frost. Minnie was let out and proceeded to so something that she only does in these circumstances: the frost dance and scratch.

First she runs onto the grass and realises it’s cold and crunchy. She starts to bounce a little from paw to paw and her tail starts to wag furiously. Sometimes she’ll take off and start gallumping across the lawn with her tongue lolling out of her mouth and little puffs of delighted breath trailing after her.

It always ends with her throwing herself onto the ground and wiggling about on her back on the icy grass. It almost makes it look like enough fun to join in.


One Comment

  • Sam

    I love both dogs and mushrooms so I’m happy.

    Also, I remember the frost dance! It looks like so much fun. It was always the grunting that did it for me.

    No, Minnie, I’m laughing with you, not at you. Honest.

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