guest post for Joseph D'Lacey

I am regularly asked to write articles for friends or blog posts for web sites I’ve worked with before, and sometimes I just can’t fit it into my schedule. Not surprisingly, I am often asked to discuss issues about women or feminism, but despite what people may think, I don’t want to bang on that drum exclusively.

Although, it has to be drummed more than I would like.

A couple of months ago Joseph D’Lacey asked me to write a guest blog post for his web site, and one of his topic suggestions was to write about my mushroom photos. Joseph had often admired them when I’d tweeted links to my Flickr images.

Because no one had asked me to write about this before it pricked my interest. I don’t consider myself an expert on photography, but I enjoy it immensely.
Watch where you point those

So today my piece, ‘Photographing Fungi‘, is up on Joseph’s blog. Thanks to Joseph for the fun request.

You can view my entire set of mushroom photos from the last few years on Flickr.

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