• ICN Awards 2013

    The shortlists for the ICN Awards 2013 have been announced, and voting is now open for the next two weeks. I’ve been nominated in the ‘Best Irish Writer Published Outside of Ireland’ category, and my fellow nominees are Michael Carroll, Stephen Mooney, Darrin O’Toole, and Richmond Clements. I’m particularly pleased that Stephen Downey – the artist for Jennifer Wilde, one of the comics I write – got a deserving nod in the ‘Best Irish Artist Published in Ireland’ category, and his cover for Jennifer Wilde issue 3 has been nominated for ‘Best Irish Comic Cover’. Congratulations to the nominees and best of luck to all of us.

  • Jennifer Wilde 3 review

    I had a nice start to the day when I discovered that David Ferguson reviewed the third issue of Jennifer Wilde on Irish Comic News. It takes a lot of work to bring any creative project into existence, but when you write comics it’s a particularly collaborative experience that requires dedication, co-operation, and passion. It’s a delight to see the script I wrote brought to life in such a meaningful way by Stephen Downey‘s art, and then it’s further joy to hold the finished product in my hands. As much as I do this from my own need to create, part of the drive also is to entertain other people.…

  • 2D 2013 Roundup

    I had a wonderful time at 2D Northern Ireland Comic Book Festival in Derry last weekend. As usual there was fantastic hospitality by the gang from Derry’s Verbal Arts Centre who organised the festival. All of them, including the volunteers, and the admins who most of us never see, did a wonderful job. I arrived in in the city on Friday afternoon, and while my drive up had been easy, the final navigation through the narrow, steep streets was a stressful ten minutes. After lunch, and time to rest, I headed out to dinner where I began meeting many of the other guests of the convention – some of whom…

  • Jennifer Wilde issue 3

    Jennifer Wilde, Issue 2

    It’s another entry about comics today, with the newly-released cover of Jennifer Wilde, issue 3, which was drawn by the wonderfully-talented Stephen Downey. This concludes the three-issue arc I’ve written, which is called ‘Unlikely Revolutionaries’. I’ve had a blast writing the fabulous pairing of Jennifer Chevalier – artist, ghost speaker, and amateur detective – and Oscar Wilde – poet, playwright, and fashionista. This issue sees them finish their three-nation tour and land in Ireland in 1921. All going well the comic should be published by Atomic Diner Comics in the coming weeks. The art and lettering is by Stephen Downey, the script is by me, and it was created by…

  • Jennifer Wilde 2 now available

    The second issue of Jennifer Wilde – the comic book I’m writing for Atomic Diner – is on the shelves of SubCity Comics in Dublin. It’s wonderful to have the second issue out. As usual I’m indebted to Stephen Downey, the terrific artist who is bringing Jennifer’s world to life, and to Robert Curley for making the comic book happen. Jennifer Wilde issue 2 should be available from other retailers and the Atomic Diner web site very soon.

  • Eagle nomination

    Yesterday the final short-list of nominations for the Eagle Awards was released, and much to my delight, Jennifer Wilde, the comic book I write for Atomic Diner, is one of the contenders in the Favourite European Comic Book category. A special shout-out to Stephen Downey, whose artwork brings Jennifer to life, and to Robert Curley at Atomic Diner, who also nabbed a couple of other nominations. Voting is open now in all sections until April 2nd. The final results will be announced at the Eagle Awards ceremony at London’s MCM Expo on Friday, 25 May 2012. It’s a fitting category for Jennifer Wilde, especially as the series is decidedly European…

  • Jennifer Wilde 2

    Jennifer Wilde, issue 2

    Issue 2 of Jennifer Wilde is in the final prep stages and should be heading off to the printers soon. So, as an appetiser here’s the cover of issue 2. Once again artist Stephen Downey has delivered another captivating image.

  • recent round-up

    I’ve been remiss at pointing toward reviews of issue 1 of Róisín Dubh and Jennifer Wilde, the two comic book series I’ve written. Liam Geraghty and Craig O’Connor, the men behind the Irish comic book podcast, The Comic Cast, gave both issues the thumbs up. Lee Grice at the British podcast Small Press Big Mouth gave Jennifer Wilde a glowing review. James Bacon reviewed Jennifer Wilde for the Forbidden Planet International blog, which includes a mini-interview with me New Irish comic book web site Cosmic Treadmill has reviewed both Róisín Dubh and Jennifer Wilde Hilary Lawler reviewed Jennifer Wilde for Irish Comic News I’ve also been interviewed on two web…

  • Jennifer Wilde issue 1 on sale

    I was on the phone with Rob Curley in Dublin when he received delivery of the first issue of Jennifer Wilde to the door of SubCity Comics in Dublin. It was a lovely shared moment, even though I was across the country in Galway. The comic book will be winging its way to other venues in Ireland over the coming week, and will be available for sale via the Atomic Diner web site very soon. My thanks in particular to Stephen Downey, the artist on the project, whose fine artwork brings Jennifer and Oscar’s adventures together to life. I can’t wait to hold a copy of it in my hands.

  • roisin dubh 1 reviews

    I realised that I haven’t been posting links to reviews of Róisín Dubh issue 1 on my own blog. I’ve been keeping the other social media updated so sometimes it slips my mind to mention such things on my own site. Here are the first reviews: Emmet O’Cuana on Tastes Like Comics James Bacon on The Forbidden Planet International Blog David O’Leary on Irish Comic News I’m happy and humbled by the kind words, and the support from the local community has been great. I’m feeling a lot of pressure to keep delivering good work in issues 2 & 3. Stephen Byrne will be doing all the art and lettering…