recent round-up

I’ve been remiss at pointing toward reviews of issue 1 of Róisín Dubh and Jennifer Wilde, the two comic book series I’ve written.

I’ve also been interviewed on two web sites about my projects to date, including my contribution to the Womanthology comic book anthology:

The blogosphere has also been in overdrive discussing the first issues of the 52 titles DC Comics released in September. I’ve picked up some of the comics and it’s a mixed bag from my perspective.

DC Comics has created an online survey to collect feedback from its readers about the new comics.

Please consider filling it in if you are reading any of the titles. I would love it if women particularly made the effort to have their opinions heard. So often we are told that we don’t read comics in significant numbers, or we don’t like superhero titles, and I believe this is reflected in the content of many of DC’s titles.

Irish Comic News Nominations

Finally Irish Comic News has initiated its inaugural ICN awards.

It’s collecting nominations in each category of award, which will be followed by a vote on the short-list.

The winners will be announced on ICN and will receive web badges to show their victory as well as a printable certificate.

Nominations must be in by September 30th 2011 for comics published in 2011 (except the Hall of Fame category).