First Jennifer Wilde Cosplay

I haven’t had much time to blog about my time at Octocon 2013 (great fun!), but before I head off to Brighton for World Fantasy Con 2013 tomorrow, I figured I should at least mention one of the highlights of the event for me:


This is Róisín Breathnach, a costume designer and pattern drafter, who cosplayed Jennifer Wilde at the convention. Jennifer is the comic book character I write for Atomic Diner, and I believe this is the first time that any Atomic Diner character has been cosplayed (but it won’t be the last!).

Roisin not only did a great job replicating the costume (plus the locket), but possesses a strong resemblance to the character also. Here’s an image of Jennifer in one of her costumes, sashaying in her native Paris, drawn by Stephen Downey.

Nice work Róisín! I’m thrilled you chose Jennifer to cosplay.