Jennifer Wilde 3 review

I had a nice start to the day when I discovered that David Ferguson reviewed the third issue of Jennifer Wilde on Irish Comic News.

It takes a lot of work to bring any creative project into existence, but when you write comics it’s a particularly collaborative experience that requires dedication, co-operation, and passion. It’s a delight to see the script I wrote brought to life in such a meaningful way by Stephen Downey‘s art, and then it’s further joy to hold the finished product in my hands.

As much as I do this from my own need to create, part of the drive also is to entertain other people. When you discover that readers enjoy the story that you spent so much time crafting it feels like a wonderful, odds-defying bonus.

It’s been a challenge, as well as great fun, to write the first volume of Jennifer Wilde. I already have plans for the second volume, which I’ve begun to research. I’m so pleased that Atomic Diner supremo, Robert Curley, continues to trust me to write this character.