World Fantasy Con 2021

Back in 2019 I bought a ticket to World Fantasy Convention 2021 which would be taking place in Montréal, Canada. It felt like a long time off, but for big conventions you learn to book early and trust you’ll still be around or able to attend.

I’d never been to Canada, but I knew people there, and figured it would be a great opportunity to attend WFC and explore a small part of that vast country.

Then COVID came along! I decided not to cancel my tickets on the off-chance travel opportunities would improve, but as the last eighteen months have played out that has not been the case.

However, since WFC 2021 is operating a hybrid convention there are in-person events and online ones, so I’ll be taking part on two panels:

Friday, 5 November, at 5pm (Montréal time)
‘The Moral Dilemma’
I’ll be moderating my fellow panellists, J.T. Greathouse, Brenda Carre, Gregory A. Wilson and Jane Ann McLachlan on the subject of moral dilemmas in fiction.

Saturday, 6 November, at 4pm (Montréal time)
‘The Rules of Horror’
I’ll be participating in the discussion about what constitutes the rules of horror with David Demchuk, Beverly Bambury, Jon Padgett and Penelope Flynn.

It may be online, but it’s always great to connect with fellow writers!

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