• Talking Folk Horror

    I will be discussing Folk Horror Cinema tomorrow on a virtual panel organised by Middlesex University Dubai.

  • new Irish Comic Book resource

    After the Squarebound event in Dublin last weekend Irish artist Tommie Kelly realised that the Irish comic book scene could use a central resource, and in a splurge of sudden activity has put together a terrific site called Irish Comic News. It describes itself as “…a website dedicated to the Irish comic Scene. It contains interviews, a forum, event guides, tutorials and all news related to the Irish Comic Scene.” Tommie is being helped in his efforts by Patrick Brown, Hilary Lawler and Gar Shanley, with contributions from David O’Leary. Tommie has already been firing out a standard questionnaire to comic book creators in Ireland and hoisting their responses online…

  • Seamus Online

    Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet, Seamus Heaney, is giving a reading today at 1.05pm at the National Gallery in Dublin, organised by Poetry Ireland. Fear not, the event is being broadcast live over the Internet, so you can watch and listen from anywhere in the world. At times like this I must add: technology rocks!