Twisted Myths Available

It’s the 1st of October, and autumn has us in its damp grip. Today in the West of Ireland there is a flat, grey sky seeping dull light, and yet there is reason for happiness: Twisted Myths is now available to buy! (And as I type this post the sky the lightens…)

Twisted Myths

Like my last project, Twisted Fairy Tales, it’s a large-format hardback book, with beautiful illustrations by the supremely talented Jane Laurie. The cover and interior design was put together by Martin Stiff, and it was edited by Samantha Warrington. It features twenty short story myths from around the world.

It’s published by Barron’s Educational Series in the USA, and should be available via all online retailers, and American book stores.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Eros and Psyche (Greek)
  • The Golden Apples of Idun (Norse)
  • The Coming of the Tuatha dé Dannan (Irish)
  • Lord Ganesha (Hindu – Indian)
  • Prometheus and Pandora (Greek)
  • Maui Finds Death (Maori)
  • The Patience of Isis (Egyptian)
  • Ishtar Descends to the Underworld (Sumerian)
  • The Fifth Sun (Aztec)
  • Sekhmet’s Thirst (Egyptian)
  • Odin’s Sacrifice (Norse)
  • Pele Comes to Hawai’i (Hawaiian)
  • The Magician’s Head (Yorubaland – African)
  • White Buffalo Woman (Seneca – Native American)
  • The People of Mud, Flesh, and Wood (Quiché – Guatamalan)
  • Nu Wa Saves the World (Chinese)
  • Izanagi and Izanami (Japanese)
  • Amaterasu Hides Her Face (Japanese)
  • Monkey: Sage of Heaven (Chinese)
  • The Voice, The Flood, and The Turtle (Caddo – Native American)

I hope you will enjoy the collection!


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