Splinister on Substack

Happy Imbolg to you! Today is the traditional start of Spring in Ireland, and with that in mind I’ve migrated my old newsletter onto Substack – which you can sign up to here.

I’ve several reasons for doing so, which I lay out in the newsletter, so drop over to read them – and sign up if you want to hear from me directly!

Substack has a rather nifty Reader App (both for iOS and Android) and you can read the newsletter there if you fancy. It also allows me to set up chats with subscribers, which is a lovely feature.

I’m signed up to a number of Substacks so the Reader is very useful for keeping them all in one place so I can easily find and read them at my leisure.

I plan to write fortnightly about a range of topics, and I hope you enjoy my posts if you decide to subscribe.

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