the return of the rain

The one thing you can be guaranteed of in Ireland is that rain will always return. After a streak of stunning weather precipitation has swaggered across the land to reclaim its sovereignty.

But rain has its beauties.

Water drops on flowering clover

I took that shot yesterday evening of water beads on a clover that was just beginning to flower. I love how the water forms tiny, perfect spheres that balance on the clover’s stubble. And how about that syrupy blob that’s ready to detach, which reflects the scene around it. Water is beautiful – when it isn’t a deluge or a flood, which is just terrifying.

For the moment in Ireland it’s at manageable levels. The vegetation is lush with it.

Water veins

It can be very easy to wish that your situation is different: that you had more sun, or less rain, or that you lived in a different place, but sometimes you’ve got to accept where you are and shift perspective to see the benefits.

Bee at work

I returned a little bedraggled from my damp walk with the dog to discover this chap hard at work in my garden – the giant raindrops didn’t deter him. What a gorgeous fuzzy ruff he is wearing, and I love the flowers, like pretty cornucopias, waiting for his gluttony.

The best thing about getting wet while outside is coming home, drying off, slipping on comfortable clothes, and having a hot cup of tea.

Watching the rain from inside the house is a blessing.


  • liz@lifedreaming

    Totally agree Maura.

    The rain has freshened up our new garden and I love being inside when it’s raining. I’m also getting more work done. When the sun was shining last week I walked Coco dog for hours because I knew it wouldn’t last.

    Yup – changing how you view the current situation is really powerful.

    Off now to walk Coco dog

    • Maura

      Thanks Liz. The weather is a mixed bag here, so we’re still getting some sun at times. It’s lovely now, for instance. That’s typical of summer here – dashes of sun and rain. It’s the relentlessly-monochrome days of winter that are harder to deal with.