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    2D 2013 Video

    Here’s a lovely compilation video from the wonderful 2D – Northern Ireland Comics Festival this year, probably the best comic book festival in Ireland when it comes to promotion of Irish talent, the variety of creators, and access for the public. There are a ton of people interviewed in this video praising the event, including Herb Trimpe, William Simpson, Emma Vieceli, Dan Berry, Aiden Courtney, Jordie Bellaire, Will Dennis, and Nicholas Gurewitch, with sightings of plenty more in the background. It makes me look forward to next year’s event!

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    2D 2013 Roundup

    I had a wonderful time at 2D Northern Ireland Comic Book Festival in Derry last weekend. As usual there was fantastic hospitality by the gang from Derry’s Verbal Arts Centre who organised the festival. All of them, including the volunteers, and the admins who most of us never see, did a wonderful job. I arrived in in the city on Friday afternoon, and while my drive up had been easy, the final navigation through the narrow, steep streets was a stressful ten minutes. After lunch, and time to rest, I headed out to dinner where I began meeting many of the other guests of the convention – some of whom…

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    2D Bound

    Later today I’m starting my journey to Derry, including an overnight stop, for the annual 2D Comic Book Festival. It’s a long way to Derry from Galway, so I’m taking it in stages. The first year I went I did it by bus – never again! With traffic it ended up being over a six hour trip. There were people on the bus going to the festival who travelled nearly three hours to get to Galway, so that was a marathon trip for them. And if you’re travelling from Cork or Kerry..! It’s a testament to the festival’s reputation that comic book creators and fans are willing to travel so…

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    2D 2013

    I’m delighted to announce I’ve been asked to be a guest at 2D, the Northern Ireland Comics Festival, which is happening from 30 May – 2 June in Derry. It will be my third year attending and my second year as a guest. There is a fantastic list of talented artists and writers attending (including Rob Curley – so Atomic Diner will be well represented). Since this year Derry is Europe’s City of Culture the festival has been extended, and Saturday and Sunday the comic book fair will be in the Millennium Forum (free entry!), along with the Heroes & Legends show. As usual on Friday and Saturday evening there…