Hallowe'en Sessions update

I’m back from FrightFest in London, my annual pilgrimage to sample the best (and sometimes, the worst) of horror cinema being made in the world today.

While there I was lucky to meet up with most of my co-conspirators for The Hallowe’en Sessions: writers Kim Newman, Paul McAuley, Anne Billson, writer/director Sean Hogan, and producer Josh Saco. Alas, I didn’t get to see Stephen Volk on this trip.

It turns out there will be a horror festival going on in London at the end of October, and The Hallowe’en Sessions is being folded into this wonderful mix. It’s called The 13th Hour Horror Festival, and here’s the brochure for it, which was in the goodie bag of all the FrightFest weekend pass holders.

The 13th Hour

It was wonderful spending time with the gang, discussing the play, and hearing how it’s progressing. Even better Sean shot a promo video for The Hallowe’en Sessions, and it played on Monday afternoon at FrightFest to a good response from the audience. It was pretty cool to see the promo on The Empire’s massive screen.

Two of the cast were announced at the event, but we can release the entire cast now:

Sarah Douglas (Superman 2, Conan the Destroyer), Gina Abolins (The Seasoning House), Billy Clarke (The Devil’s Business, Hunger), Daniel Brocklebank (The Hole, Little Deaths), Holly Lucas (Little Deaths, Holby City), Joshua Mayes-Cooper (Doctors, Outpost 11), and Grace Ker (‘Madame Edwarda’). The stage manager is Jocasta Upton.

Tickets are selling fast for all of the shows, but the first night, closing night, and Hallowe’en night are the most popular. If you are on the fence about attending the play, you should make up your mind before you lose the opportunity.

Here’s an image of the inside of the brochure for the 13th Hour Horror Festival along with The Hallowe’en Sessions postcard.

Brochure & postcard

I’ll post my summary of the films I liked the most at FrightFest in the coming days.