Women in Comics, Europe – page

Women in Comics, Medieval EuropeLast week Laura Sneddon and I started a group on Facebook for European women working in the comic book industry, called Women in Comics, Europe.

It’s open to academics, artists, writers, journalists, comic book sellers, etc. It’s been very successful and is a great space for networking and sharing information. Currently we have 120+ members, with more women arriving daily. It’s inspiring to learn about their work and witness their passion for the industry.

Yet, Laura and I figured it would be a shame to keep these useful discussions amongst ourselves, especially when there are so many strong talents who deserve a boost. We also appreciate that there are loads of supportive men in comic books, many of whom are our colleagues.

We decided to create a public Women in Comics, Europe page on Facebook, and I hope those of you who enjoy comic books, and are on Facebook, will like and share it among your friends. We’ll be promoting women’s work, as well as sharing information and resources that are useful to everyone.

Hopefully this will help put an end to questions like ‘where are all the women comic book creators?’ or ‘why don’t women read comic books?’, although Gail Simone had to offer a weary commentary on that latter question just recently.