In Dublin and Maynooth

Later today I’m taking the road to Dublin, as Stephen Byrne, Robert Curley and I will be signing copies of Róisín Dubh in the Library Bar in the Central Hotel, Dublin from 7pm onwards.

Róisín Dubh signing

Tomorrow the three of us will be attending Epic-Con in Maynooth, where we’ll be talking about the project and appearing on a few other panels.

This week I’ve also had a couple of reviews appear on first was a review of the graphic novel Hector Umbra, written and drawn by Uli Oesterle, and published by Blank Slate Books. The second was a review of Underwire, a collection of cartoons by Jennifer Hayden, and published by Top Shelf Productions.

It’s quite remiss of me, but I forgot to mention back in January that I offered my input as part of a series of ‘Best of 2011’ posts on the Forbidden Planet International blog. I honed in on low-budget or Indie projects that I thought deserved getting a signal boost. There were many other films/tv/comic books I wanted to mention, but I was restricted to picking three.

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