• Irish Comics Chat on Saturday

    I’m a guest at an event called Irish Comics Chat, which will take place at the Rua Red arts centre in Tallaght in Dublin from 12.30pm – 6pm on Saturday, 29 March, organised by Lightning Strike Comics. I’ll be on a panel with Darrin O’Toole, Ruth Redmond, and Rob Curley, which will be moderated by Ciaran Marcantonio, during which we’ll be discussing our career thus far and our comics. The panel will be recorded for The Irish Pubcast podcast. Here’s the schedule of events: 12.30pm: Opening. 12.45pm: Panel Talk with Maura McHugh, Ruth Redmond, Robert Curley and Darrin O’Toole. 1.30pm: Break and cake. 2.00pm: Panel Talk with Dave Hendrick and Robert Carey. 2.45pm: An Aimsir Óg…

  • 2D 2013 Roundup

    I had a wonderful time at 2D Northern Ireland Comic Book Festival in Derry last weekend. As usual there was fantastic hospitality by the gang from Derry’s Verbal Arts Centre who organised the festival. All of them, including the volunteers, and the admins who most of us never see, did a wonderful job. I arrived in in the city on Friday afternoon, and while my drive up had been easy, the final navigation through the narrow, steep streets was a stressful ten minutes. After lunch, and time to rest, I headed out to dinner where I began meeting many of the other guests of the convention – some of whom…

  • Jennifer Wilde issue 3

    Jennifer Wilde, Issue 2

    It’s another entry about comics today, with the newly-released cover of Jennifer Wilde, issue 3, which was drawn by the wonderfully-talented Stephen Downey. This concludes the three-issue arc I’ve written, which is called ‘Unlikely Revolutionaries’. I’ve had a blast writing the fabulous pairing of Jennifer Chevalier – artist, ghost speaker, and amateur detective – and Oscar Wilde – poet, playwright, and fashionista. This issue sees them finish their three-nation tour and land in Ireland in 1921. All going well the comic should be published by Atomic Diner Comics in the coming weeks. The art and lettering is by Stephen Downey, the script is by me, and it was created by…

  • Róisín Dubh issue 3

    Here’s something to cheer my heart, the cover of Róisín Dubh, issue 3, drawn by Stephen Byrne. This issue should be released by Atomic Diner in the next month or so. It will be great to have all three issues out.

  • In Dublin and Maynooth

    Later today I’m taking the road to Dublin, as Stephen Byrne, Robert Curley and I will be signing copies of Róisín Dubh in the Library Bar in the Central Hotel, Dublin from 7pm onwards. Tomorrow the three of us will be attending Epic-Con in Maynooth, where we’ll be talking about the project and appearing on a few other panels. This week I’ve also had a couple of reviews appear on ComicBuzz.com: first was a review of the graphic novel Hector Umbra, written and drawn by Uli Oesterle, and published by Blank Slate Books. The second was a review of Underwire, a collection of cartoons by Jennifer Hayden, and published by…

  • Dublin signing

    Stephen Byrne, Robert Curley and I will be signing copies of Róisín Dubh in the Library Bar, Central Hotel, Dublin from 7pm onwards on the 17 February. Come along and have a chat with us. If you can’t make it, we hope to meet you at Epic Con in Maynooth the following day.

  • Epic Con 2012

    I’ll be attending Epic Con in Maynooth as a guest along with Róisín Dubh teammates Stephen Byrne and Robert Curley. The event is going on the weekend of 18-19 February in Maynooth, and the three of us will be there all day on Saturday, 18 February. Epic Con is run by the Omega Society, NUI Maynooth’s sci-fi, anime and fantasy organisation, and 2012 marks the society’s ten-year anniversary. There will be a variety of events going on throughout the weekend ranging from panels, workshops, cosplay and screenings. There’s even an art/writing competition being held during the convention. We’re looking forward to meeting old and new fans of the comic book.