Róisín Dubh 1 out

Róisín Dubh, issue 1 coverThere’s been a lot of fuss and bother in Dublin over the last two days: roads closed and traffic diverted, which has made some people cross.

On the same day royalty arrived in Ireland issue 1 of Róisín Dubh was delivered safely to Sub-City in Dublin despite the government kowtowing.

If you wish to purchase it online it costs €5.00, plus €1.00 postage for Ireland, €1.50 for England and and extra €0.50 for other countries.

Copies will be arriving in Sub-City in Galway by Monday, and in other outlets soon.

Issue 1 is a limited run, so get your copies while you can!

We’re already at the editing stage of issue 2, and all going well it will be out in good time.

The plan is for issue 3 to hit the stands by the end of the summer. The graphic novel should be out in time for Christmas.

Here endeth the PR!


    • Maura

      James, thanks and I’m delighted you liked the comic so far. 🙂

      Issue 1 of Jennifer Wilde is about 3/4 weeks out, and issue 2 of Róisín Dubh should be 2/3 weeks after that (fingers crossed!).

      I appreciate your support!

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