sun on sun

Sun on sun

There was more stormy weather last night so there isn’t a leaf left on any trees in my garden. This morning the rain fled and left behind freshly-scrubbed skies and searing sunshine. I took this image after my walk in the woods, where I snapped a few nice images also.

It’s difficult to capture a moment of beauty in its entire spectrum, be it in words or images. Much of what I do is a failed attempt. I try to squeeze the intangibles into the pixels and letters, but even when it’s good, it rarely does the experience justice.

There are so many little moments that squeeze my heart. Such as sunshine spilling onto a corner of my window, illuminating a simple glass ornament and a potted plant.

I strive to capture them so when I look upon them again the ghost of that emotion will rise up and say, yes, there is wonder in this world too.