• Let Love Rule

    I created this Valentine’s Day image today, from a photo I took recently. Whatever you think about the commercial qualities of this ‘holiday’, take a moment to consider all the people who love you today. And let them know how much you value them. And if you are feeling unloved, take this to be your Valentine’s Day card from the world.

  • adorning our lives

    Over the years I’ve become increasingly careful about what new items I bring into my home. I’ve spent several years paring back book collections and ornaments to remove anything I don’t truly appreciate. I established my simple formula before Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy became a revolution, but from what I understand (as I haven’t read the book) it gels quite closely to her system. I ask myself is the item 1) functional or 2) beautiful? If it’s both it’s unimpeachable, but it should hit one of these criteria. What is lovely to one person is hideous to another, therefore this is a wholly personal exercise. I’m not entirely without sentiment,…

  • I heart spring

    This splendid image could be an easy snapshot to miss as I breezed by the hedgerow, but the flash of colour at the periphery of my vision flagged my attention. I have a sub-programme always running in my mind when I’m out and about called interesting things to photograph. It’s a handy technique – noticing odd things, or seeing ordinary items cast differently in spectacular light. On some days it’s that necessary reminder that if you search for it you will always find beauty.

  • a floral interlude

    Events in the world over the last couple of days have rendered me a little mute. I received a bunch of flowers yesterday from my mother, and here are a trio of images I took this morning during the windswept sunshine. Sometimes I need to remember beauty remains in the world.

  • milky way time-lapse

    I love good time-lapse videos, but this one by Randy Halverson at Dakotalapse ticks all the boxes. It offers a sublime glimpse into the reality of our planet’s part in the galaxy: a speck among a panoply of celestial bodies. It’s pure inspiration. If this gives you the impulse to try out time-lapse photography then check out a useful post on NightSkyPix with an extensive tutorial.

  • altered in post

    I took this picture a few days ago to accompany a guest blog post which went up today on the Irish women’s web site The Anti-Room. The blog entry is called ‘Fly in the Foundation‘, and it’s about those dreadful ads on TV for beauty products (mascara and hair extensions in particular). It was a subject I’d been meaning to blog about so it popped into my mind when I was asked to guest post over at the site. A special hat tip to The Anti-Room’s talented editors Sinéad Gleeson and Anna Carey.

  • aurora magic

    The world can seem full of hostility and hate if you pay too much attention to the mainstream media. Always, there are beautiful moments, and good people doing helpful work. The following video is just a reminder to spend equal time focusing on what’s luminous in our world. Timelapse of Aurora Borealis (HD) over Tromsø, Norway. Photography by Tor Even Mathisen. Music by Per Wollen and vocals by Silje Beate Nilssen, I spotted this on Astronomy Picture of the Day. Takk skal du ha Tor!

  • sun on sun

    There was more stormy weather last night so there isn’t a leaf left on any trees in my garden. This morning the rain fled and left behind freshly-scrubbed skies and searing sunshine. I took this image after my walk in the woods, where I snapped a few nice images also. It’s difficult to capture a moment of beauty in its entire spectrum, be it in words or images. Much of what I do is a failed attempt. I try to squeeze the intangibles into the pixels and letters, but even when it’s good, it rarely does the experience justice. There are so many little moments that squeeze my heart. Such…