is this seat taken?

Today I’m guest reviewing for Peter Tennant on Black Static‘s Case Notes Blog.

Tales from Beyond the Pale

I discuss the new audio drama ‘Is This Seat Taken?’, written by award-winning horror writer Sarah Langan (Audrey’s Door, The Keeper), which is part of a new series of horror audio drama by Tales from Beyond the Pale.

I’d also like to highlight Peter’s article, published last week, called ‘To Be the Best‘, in which he does a bang-up job of analysing three horror Year’s Best anthologies, edited by Datlow, Jones and Guran.

The statistics prove that your chances are higher of appearing in a Year’s Best anthology if your story has appeared in a previous anthology (and that makes me wonder how many of them were open or invite-only). Print still dominates as the preferred source for material by these three editors, with very few stories being selected from online sources.

Ultimately, not a lot has changed as regards getting your work noticed for a Year’s Best anthology. It’s a competitive field with a lot of writers producing strong work every year, so you need to get your stories into the premier (print) markets.

Quality writing is what gets you noticed most of all, of course. There is no way around that. To be the best you have to write the best – and that’s the most difficult part.