Fantasycon 2022

After a gap of two and a half years I’ll be boarding an airplane to attend a festival! As someone who used to travel overseas pretty frequently this has been an abnormal state of affairs, but the world has been rather upside down of late.

So I’m delighted that my first trip abroad is to attend Fantasycon 2022 in London, one of my favourite conventions as it’s chock full of horror and fantasy writers who are good fun to be around. I’ve managed to catch up with some of my mates in Ireland so it will be rather emotional to see my English chums again.

This won’t be the last of my journeys afar this year, but more on that again. After a famine, a feast!

Here’s my schedule for the event (and thanks to the organisers for slipping me onto programming as I only decided to attend a month ago).

Saturday, 17 September 2022

11am – The Angry Robot Room (Discovery 1)
Non-fiction Genre Writing – Reviews and Critiques
John Dodd (m), Maura McHugh, Cheryl Morgan, Steven Poore, Kit Power

4pm – Room 4 (Discovery 3)
Flame Tree Press: Fireside Stories
Allen Stroud, Maura McHugh, Dan Coxon, Ramsey Campbell, Shona Kinsella

5pm – Room 4 (Discovery 3)
Maura McHugh, Shauna Lawless, Colleen Anderson

Sunday, 18 September 2022

11am – Room 2 (Atlantis 2)
Writing for Audio
Emily Inkpen (m), Maura McHugh, Somto Ihezue, Farah Mendlesohn

After several difficult years I’m very grateful for this adventure!

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