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Fly in the foundation
A natural beauty

I took this picture a few days ago to accompany a guest blog post which went up today on the Irish women’s web site The Anti-Room.

The blog entry is called ‘Fly in the Foundation‘, and it’s about those dreadful ads on TV for beauty products (mascara and hair extensions in particular).

It was a subject I’d been meaning to blog about so it popped into my mind when I was asked to guest post over at the site. A special hat tip to The Anti-Room’s talented editors Sinéad Gleeson and Anna Carey.

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  • Sam

    I’ve had a similar rant boiling on the back burner for ages. Frood and I are forever yelling derision at the “64% of 80 women agreed” down at the bottom of the adverts. They don’t even tell you what they agreed.

    Oh, and my favourite: “Model is wearing lash extensions. Enhanced in post-production.”

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