Trieste Science+Fiction Festival

What an exciting prospect lies ahead of me! I’m travelling on Halloween to attend the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, which is taking place in Trieste, Italy from 1-6 November. This is very much a treat!

On 2 November at 11.15am I’ll be giving a presentation at the IVIPRO Days 2022 conference, which is part of the festival, on my experience writing and adapting the Jennifer Wilde comic books to an indie video game for Outsider Games.

And if you’re wondering what IVIPRO is then here’s their description: “Italian Videogame Program (IVIPRO) has been created because of the awareness that videogames have an incredible emotional power, a match for other media. On similar level to literature and cinema, videogames are a vehicle for narration and stories that mix fiction and reality. Videogames are also a creative tool with which authors can develop and players experience: an extraordinary imagination machine.”

I’ve also the honour of being on the Méliès Award Jury for emerging film directors. Getting to watch new speculative fiction films is not much of a burden!

This is my first trip to Italy, and my first foray to the European continent in far too many years, so it is a much anticipated voyage into the fantastic!

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