Judges Omnibus Volume Two

My novella set in the 2000 AD Judges series – Psyche – has been released in an omnibus edition.

This bundles my novella with Michael Carroll’s Golgotha and Joseph Elliott-Coleman’s The Patriots. This collection of stories is pulsing with thrill-power!

You can buy it via the Rebellion website or through Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

Here’s the blurb:

The second volume of the hit new series exploring the early history of 2000 AD’s all-powerful “Judges.”


Eustace Fargo’s new justice system has been in effect for eight years. The old days of waiting times and backlogs are over: judgement is quick, and sentencing is instantaneous. The old police academies have all shut down, and the new order is triumphant.

But are things any better? Unrest is worse than ever. Criminals are more likely to kill rather than be caught.

There’s a war coming for the streets…

Don’t forget the three of us will be appeared on a Zoom panel discussion moderated by Joe Gordon on Sunday, 7 June 2020 at 6 pm during the online Cymera: Scotland’s Festival of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.


The Cover is by Neil Roberts.

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