Writing Cursitor Doom and Jason Hyde for SMASH!

Back in February I announced I was writing a story called ‘King for a Day’ for Rebellion’s SMASH! 2020 Special which would involve the paranormal investigator Cursitor Doom, and artist Andreas Butzbach was tasked with drawing it – but what I didn’t mention is that it also features a little-known IPC character known as Jason Hyde.

Richard Bruton interviewed me and Andreas about the characters and putting together the comic, which you can read on the Rebellion website.

The comic is out now, and features a huge arrange of talent and stories with fun legacy characters.

Brand new adventures featuring some of the most popular British superheroes are featured in this 64 page giant. Fantastic action-packed stories from a host of terrific creators, including The Steel Claw by Charlie Adlard, The Spider written by Rob Williams and drawn by John McCrea, Mytek the Mighty by Suyi Davies Okungbowa, Johnny Future drawn by Tom Raney, House of Dolman by Simon Furman and Davi Go, Thunderbolt by Helen O’Hara, and Cursitor Doom by Maura McHugh and Andreas Butzbach.

And those who read to the end will discover that I’m writing a story for the Misty & Scream! 2020 Special. This is another tick on the bucket list! More about that anon…

Check out the glorious cover by artist Andrea Bulgarelli.

Scream & Misty 2020 Special cover

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