The Dead Run #5

I’m happy and sad that the final issue of my five-episode Anderson Psi-Division story, The Dead Run, is out today in Judge Dredd Megazine #414.

Patrick Goddard brings it all home with his dynamic artwork, Pippa Bowland‘s colouring sizzles, and Annie Parkhouse continues her reign as Queen of Lettering.

The Psi cadets and their mentors Psi-Judges Anderson and Ryan must face a malign manifestation that puts the entire team to the test…

The cover of this Meg, featuring the glorious Anderson, is by Dylan Teague.

Florix grabundae, Tharg the Mighty – and his vassal in this earthly plane, Matt Smith – for the opportunity to write Anderson, and once again a massive virtual hug to the team of Goddard, Bowland and Parkhouse for bringing my story to life. It’s been scrotnig!