A short day with good news

In May this year I announced that my short story ‘Bone Mother’ had been optioned by the National Film Board of Canada’s Animation Studio with the view to make a short stop-motion animated film, adapted and directed by Sylvie Trouvé and Dale Hayward (via their animation company See Creature), and produced for the NFB by Jelena Popovic.

Everyone knows that an option doesn’t necessarily mean that the short film will get made, but I had hope considering the people involved.

So I was delighted when I discovered that ‘Bone Mother’ has been green-lit, and the production is expected to finish in early 2016. Seven minutes of stop-motion, and over a year to make it. It’s a laborious business, but how terrific it looks when it’s done.

Sylvie focuses on Baba Yaga

Sylvie and Dale will be posting updates about the process on their blog, and you can also keep track of their work via their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,.

It looks like they’re making much of the characters and sets via their 3D printer, which you can see in action.

Thanks to Sylvie and Dale for sticking with my story for so long, and to the NFB for supporting the project.

I’m so looking forward to seeing the animation when it’s complete!