• Bone Mother Première

    Check out the cool poster for Bone Mother, the stop-motion animated short film by Dale Hayward & Sylvie Trouvé, which is having its World Première this weekend at Festival Stop Motion in Montreal. That tiny print with ‘based on the short story by Maura McHugh’ gives me a little thrill. Plus, I love its title in French: La Mère des Os. On Saturday, 15 September at 4.30pm Dale and Sylvie will give a Behind the Scenes talk about creating their film. Best wishes to Dale and Sylvie for this event, and a big congratulations for their years of labour on the project.

  • Waiting for Andre

    Need some cheering up? If you have access to Sky Arts then I highly recommend the half-hour short, ‘Waiting for Andre’, which is part of their Urban Myths series of shorts. In it the writer Samuel Beckett agrees to drive the young Andre Rousimoff (who became famous later in life as the wrestler Andre the Giant) to school every day as a favour to Andre’s father, who is building Beckett’s new house in the French countryside. This is based on a core, true story. The cast are all terrific, with David Threlfall (Frank Gallagher in the original UK version Shameless) as the laconic, astute Beckett who is in between plays,…

  • Bone Mother teaser trailer

    I’ve mentioned that my short story ‘Bone Mother’ is being adapted into a stop-motion animated short film by See Creature animation company in Canada. It’s a long process and it won’t be complete until 2016, but I was thrilled to see them release a tiny teaser trailer for the short film. Official teaser for Bone Mother @onf_nfb #stopmotion #animation #dontmesswithbabayaga A video posted by Bone_Mother (@bone_mother) on Jul 21, 2015 at 7:00am PDT //platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js You can follow the Bone Mother project on Instagram, and See Creature update their blog with information about it quite regularly.

  • A short day with good news

    In May this year I announced that my short story ‘Bone Mother’ had been optioned by the National Film Board of Canada’s Animation Studio with the view to make a short stop-motion animated film, adapted and directed by Sylvie Trouvé and Dale Hayward (via their animation company See Creature), and produced for the NFB by Jelena Popovic. Everyone knows that an option doesn’t necessarily mean that the short film will get made, but I had hope considering the people involved. So I was delighted when I discovered that ‘Bone Mother’ has been green-lit, and the production is expected to finish in early 2016. Seven minutes of stop-motion, and over a year…

  • the tell-tale heart

    This is a video of the 1953 adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe short-story “The Tell-Tale Heart”, narrated by James Mason. It’s adapted by Bill Scott and Fred Grable, and directed by Ted Parmelee. The animation is by Pat Matthews. I discovered this tonight on YouTube. YouTube has its share of dross, but it saves itself by offering up gems like this.