pancakes and beer

Last night I raised a glass of rosé in celebration of the release of the news that Kim and I are writing a Witchfinder comic book together.

When I saluted Hellboy with it he recoiled like he’d been offered the throne of England. ‘Son of a…!” he growled, and unholstered the Good Samaritan.

To prevent carnage I offered him pancakes, and later beer, and we made up.

So much so that he was willing to give our team a ringing endorsement!

Thanks to everyone who has left comments on my Facebook page and Twitter about the news – it’s been great to receive such a positive reaction. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the comic as much as I did working on it.

(PS Yes, that’s a fully articulated Hellboy toy – the gun chamber even pops open, and you can remove the rounds if you were foolish enough to try and disarm him. I bought him many years ago at a charity auction at a convention. I don’t keep toys in boxes, so he roams free in the house, keeping evil at bay.)

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