Twisted Myths in the house

It’s been a bit of an open secret that I’ve written a sequel of sorts to Twisted Fairy Tales, which is called Twisted Myths. It’s been up for pre-order on for a few months, and the eagle-eyed among you will have seen it mentioned at the end of my last interview with Dennis Abrams.

Still, sometimes you’re not allowed to discuss these things until the publisher gives you the green light, or the advance copy of the book arrives in the door – which it did this morning.

This collection contains twenty myths from around the world, along with an introduction by me. It features artwork by the fabulously-talented Jane Laurie, and Martin Stiff has done an outstanding job designing the cover and the interior of the volume once again. My returning editor for the collection is Samantha Warrington.

It was a joy to work with this dedicated team again, and I’m so pleased that the book has been printed to the same high standards as Twisted Fairy Tales.

This sideways photo suggests the lovely shiny highlights on the dust jacket of the book.

The official publication date is 1 October, 2013, by Barron’s Educational Series in the USA.

Here’s one of the images from my story ‘The Coming of the Tuatha Dé Dannan’, which shows the Goddesses Badh, Macha, and Mórrígu in the middle of casting spells and enchantments before battle. It’s one of my favourite illustrations from the book.

By Jane Laurie

But believe me, Jane has drawn many other brilliant pieces of accompanying art.

You’ll have to buy the book to see them all…

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