happy and sad: a Paradox

First the good news: issue 13 of Paradox: The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction is now available.

It contains my short story “Beautiful Calamity”. There’s a snippet on the magazine’s web site from the beginning of the story if you want to get a feel for it.

I can’t wait to receive my contributor copies (which are navigating the postal system to me), so I can read the story in print.

I’m proud of this one.

The sad news, however, is that issue thirteen will be the last edition of the print incarnation of the magazine. Editor Chris Cevasco says that there are plans for future book anthologies through Paradox Publications, and there remains the possibility that the magazine could re-launch in an online format in the future.

I certainly hope so. I’d love to work with Chris again, whom I found to be a helpful and thoughtful editor.

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