non-horrid Halloween news

The picture above is another delightful shop window decoration from Galway city this weekend.

Last night the clock went back by an hour, so this evening descended with the swift snick of the guillotine blade. On my way home in the early darkness I had to drive through patches of dense fog in the lower-lying areas – such as on the winding country road to my house. It’s as if it was conjured up to put the official spooky stamp upon the night.

Yesterday I received the news that my short story ‘Involuntary Muscle’ will appear in issue 35 of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction, which is due out at the end of November. Thanks to editors Stephen Theaker and John Greenwood for taking the story.

It’s always a kind of bemused relief to know you’ve written something other people enjoy.

I hope you’re all having a suitably spooky Halloween!

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