Laydeez do Comics – Dublin

I’m pleased to announced that together with writer Lynda Rucker we’re setting up Laydeez do Comics – Dublin.

Laydeez do Comics is an international network of meetings celebrating the diverse expressions of the comic book medium. Started in 2009 in London, it now has groups across the UK, America, and now Ireland. The events are women-led, not women-only, and usually feature speakers with a variety of comic book experiences.

The  inaugural meeting of Laydeez do Comics – Dublin, will take place from 7pm – 9.30pm on Wednesday the 22 May, 2013 in the Rooftop Bar, 3rd floor, of the Odessa Club, 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2.

Our guests for the first meeting will be Sarah McIntyreAlan Nolan, and Maeve Clancy.

Lynda and I really appreciate our talented guests taking the time out of their busy schedules to come to our first meeting. We’re asking for a suggested donation of €3-5 from each attendee to cover our costs.

If the first meeting is successful it’s envisioned that it will become a quarterly event in Dublin.

We hope to see many of you at the meeting in May!

Finally, a special thank you to Liz Lennon who helped us secure the fabulous venue.