green life

Flowers are pretty, but there is plenty of fresh green life that is beautiful at the moment. Like this trio:


I love their fuzzy little siblings pushing up after them. I’m sure the older ones will complain they had it much harder…

I have a particular fondness for light shining through the early leaves of spring. There is a vitality and optimism that you can almost inhale underneath their green haze.

Summer breeze

I love this image because it communicates some of that to me in an almost abstract way. The new leaves were jouncing about in a breeze. They were limp and hairy with youth, and flopped along with the rough wind’s whims. They’re pliable, able to bend and stretch into challenges. Later, they will stiffen and resist such treatment with more confidence.

Sticking out its tongue at winter

This one is sticking its tongue out at winter and giving it a sunny raspberry. These young ones have no respect…

Winter's cairn

Winter has crept away, grumbling at the impertinence of youth, to bed down in its cairn for the summer.

Oh, the stories I tell myself every day. All it takes is a few images, a dash of imagination, and away I go, spinning nonsense.