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    Wish I was there

    When I was travelling up to Derry last week I stopped at Enniscrone in Sligo during a spate of spectacular weather. I ended up squeezing in an extra day there because it was too good to leave. I made this little video of how wonderful it was that morning on the beach using the camera on my mobile phone. I love the sound the waves make as they crash onto the beach. The wind is a bit loud at times, but my rough and ready video is a reminder of a radiant day. It’s especially nice to watch now that the weather has turned a bit grey and wet. I…

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    green life

    Flowers are pretty, but there is plenty of fresh green life that is beautiful at the moment. Like this trio: I love their fuzzy little siblings pushing up after them. I’m sure the older ones will complain they had it much harder… I have a particular fondness for light shining through the early leaves of spring. There is a vitality and optimism that you can almost inhale underneath their green haze. I love this image because it communicates some of that to me in an almost abstract way. The new leaves were jouncing about in a breeze. They were limp and hairy with youth, and flopped along with the rough…

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    back to Brighton

    I’m on my way to Brighton, England today to attend the British Fantasy Society’s annual conference, Fantasycon. It’s my first time attending a British Fantasycon, but the guests, the programme and the location made it too tempting to resist this year. I was in Brighton last year for the World Horror Convention, and it’s a wonderful place to visit. And it appears I’ve inadvertently booked myself a sun holiday as the sea-side town is experiencing summer weather at the moment. I wonder will I be able to escape the gravity well of the conference events and people in order to enjoy this rare bout of sunshine?