a new camera

I got a little extra money recently so I decided to splash out on a new compact camera on Saturday. I purchased a Canon Ixus 510 HS. It’s small, glossy black, and has a touchscreen, so it’s been fun to try it out.

Trinity aims

This was my first photo. A close up of the action figure Trinity from The Matrix movie. I liked the shadows cast on the wall from her guns. Holding the figure in one hand and taking the phone one-handed wasn’t ideal, but she looks pretty badass.

Sunday swans

I caught this pair of swans from behind cover in Galway city yesterday. They were meandering around the canal, enjoying the mixture of rain and sunshine.

Spring stretches

It was terribly windy yesterday, so getting a good photo of these dangling flowers on a shrub was a bit tricky, but it came out all right. Spring is running to catch up after a cold start.


This is outside a shop in the Bridge Mills in Galway – I love displays like this, which are full of colour and interest. It makes me want to go in – which I did. (And I bought something.)

So far so good with the wee camera. I take photos so often it was worthwhile getting an upgrade, plus my old camera (also a Canon) was beginning to wear down. Even though I love my camera in my mobile phone, there are many occasions where you can’t beat using a dedicated camera.