Hallowe'en Sessions in London

The Hallowe’en Sessions has been on for three nights now and the reaction from audiences and the reviews have been gratifying. The entire run has sold out, so no more tickets are available. We’re hugely appreciative of the tremendous support we have received.

Sean Hogan – our director, and one of the writers – put in a Herculean effort to get the show ready, and he assembled a fantastic cast.

Since each cast member plays multiple roles in the various pieces the play stands or falls on their versatility and ability to shift quickly into different characters.

All the actors demonstrate excellent range, and I expect they will be snapped up for more work in the future based on their memorable and compelling performances.

Here are some of the reviews that have come in so far:

Again, a big thank you to all of you who bought tickets and supported this project. It proves that Horror theatre is a viable concern.


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